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Mobile Phone Watch - The Phatch Phone/Watch

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Mobile Phone Watch - The Phatch

Mobile phones have come a long way in just a few years.  At first they were just barely mobile, they had to be in a bag to carry the transceiver, battery and handset, then they went a bit smaller and began to work better but they were still too big to put into your pocket.  Jump ahead a few years and now the functionality on a smart phone is staggering, and the size just keeps getting smaller.  

While most people think that smart phones are the End Game of mobile phones, there is another product segment emerging, Mobile Phone Watches.

These are even smaller than a typical smartphone and some have nearly the same capability.  Granted the screens are so small on most that web browsing is a bit difficult, but you can text, email and make calls from your Mobile Phone Watch with no problems at all.

We are working closely with Mobile Phone Watch manufacturers to be sure they operate in the best way possible.  We have prototypes arriving for our review all the time.  

If you are interested in a Mobile Phone Watch (Phatch), then call the experts at  We will help you decide which Phatch is best for your needs.  We can also set you up with T mobile service on your Mobile Phone watch.

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Mobile Phone Watch EG200

Mobile Phone Watch 

Mobile Phone Watch - LG GD910